Reality Check

Lately my thoughts was invading the whole space on my mind, the useless thoughts has been ruining the reality of my life, I’ve been spending my whole day thinking of such useless piece, but it seems that I can’t control my mind from thinking such things.

The reality is fading and the fantasies are waving, I’m on the point of my life where I am actually living with those fantasies and letting them take over the reality, whats happening on my mind right now really scares me, like someday I wouldn’t be able to go back to reality because I am used on living with those fantasies, that wouldn’t be able to help me in my life.

I wake up everyday trying hard not to think of fantasies anymore, but I’m always ending up dreaming again. I know, nothings’ wrong about dreaming, who knows that maybe someday that dreams turns into reality, but in my case I’ve been dreaming the kind of dreams that won’t ever happen again, like going back to my theater career, I’ve been thinking of it since the day I left “Dulaang Asilaw” (a theater organization at my school), its been two (2) months since I quit,  yes you heard it right “I QUIT “, I quit not because I don’t like to stay but because of some family matters, and still I can’t move on, I never thought of quitting on that organization, actually I always look forward on being with them until I’m done with my college life, but then things happened and I was bound to end my journey on this whole theater thing, I  can’t do anything but to miss it every single day, and dreamt that I can still be on track with them, that I’m just having my “school leave” because of some school works.

I don’t know how things would work if I continue on escaping the reality of my life, I just wish that I can end this fantasy of mine and go back to what is here infront of me.

‘Going to have my reality check’



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