“The Sunday Currently”

And FINALLY! I still got this chance to update.

I was up for something this past few days that’s why I wasn’t able to put up another update, Well I hope I have a lot of time nextweek to be able to catch up on my blog, but for now this is the only update that I can give.


READING: Some tweets on my twitter feed (I was out for a day, I missed a lot)

WRITING: My next blog update. (Its about my familys’ visit to malabon)

LISTENING: At the sound made by the game that my uncle was playing. (He’s just next to where I am right now)

THINKING: of where am I gonna sleep later? (We’re at aunties’ and this house is small for everyone of us)

SMELLING: the calamansi with soy sauce (sawsawan maybe)

WISHING: “all my feelings were gone” (That’s a song) HAHAHA!

HOPING: to have a better sleep tonight ( I shouldn’t be staying up late, just to surf the net)

WEARING: a cream colored croptop and a checkered mini skirt. (Yes I haven’t changed my “pangAlis” attire yet.)

LOVING: the choker that my cousin gave me. (I actually bun my hair a lot today for the exposure of the choker) 😊

WANTING: a lot of sleep ! Sleep ! Sleep ! Sleep ! I only slept for 4hrs. for pete’s sake!

NEEDING: an 8 hour sleep ! (Badly)

FEELING: hungry and sleepy. (Didn’t eat my dinner yet.)

and I’m already done, I hope I can post the “MALABON” update tomorrow. Goodnight. 😊



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