It’s been a long time.

I’m out for almost three days cause I’m running out of words to say and time to write (busy at school). So yes It’s an update (a lousy update).



I entered an open door and walk along the streets, guess what? It’s a wonderland out there, everything I saw is so beautiful, and perfect, I never thought that i was able to see a perfect picture of my life out there, I was so happy then, because I just have it all, I mean “ALL” EVERYTHING I want in life, all the things I thought I will never have EVER, I am the happiest in the world and I couldn’t hide it, I really could not ask for more, for everything that was there is more than enough, really enough, enough for me to be happy for the rest of my life, enough for me to be satisfied.

I walk along the streets and as I look back, everything is gone, its an empty street again, a dark empty street, I close my eyes (because I thought I was only dreaming), but when i opened my eyes everything is still in it’s same picture (before I close my eyes), and then suddenly I realized that it was me, I’m dreaming of a happy life, a life that I know,that I wouldn’t have.

I was so sad about the fact that I am only dreaming, I almost cry because of the sadness, I turned around again and decided to continue to walk along the streets regardless how dark and empty it is, because as I turn around I was thinking that maybe at the end of this dark and empty street, is a real WONDERLAND.



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