Alden: Embodying the essence of a true gentleman

And a “worth it” blog again.
This is for the guys out there who almost lost the essence of a true gentlemen.
We ‘ladies’ doesn’t really need such material things, or fancy big acts just for us to feel happy and respected, Me as a girl I really don’t need those fancy things, for simple acts and being a true and real gentleman for me is more than enough, I could careless about material things, but I have this eagle eye when it comes on looking at a real gentleman.
I hope you guys take time to read this blog and try to apply it in your life, there’s nothing wrong on trying.
Enjoy reading!

ps: thanks again to huggablemewrites.

Huggable Me Writes


Fans in general, tend to really push for reality even if we know that it is only for “reel.” We always hope that whatever onscreen romance our idols have, translates to real life – making the “kilig” even greater.

When Kalyeserye began there were a lot of talk whether Alden was just “acting” or if what he shows in TV was true. I myself blogged about this. Maine was vocal about having a crush on Alden so it was really a big question. Alden was a very quiet and reserved guy. He wasn’t showy or as funky as Maine was. They were a sudden hit, a phenomenon and the thought of it not being real became very touchy. They were a lot of comments, doubts, and bashing. Some went as far as saying that he was just using her for his career. I felt bad for him to be honest…

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