Chaotic Love

Who says no to love? Are you on team bitter or forever?

I have seen so much about love, (considering the fact that I haven’t been gotten into a serious/real relationship), I have seen a lot whom have shed tears because of the pain and happiness love can give to them, I’ve seen them struggle and stand up after the pain, I have seen the happiest eyes when love is in it.

Why are you bitter about love? Was it about your ex-lover or about some family involved issue? Either way you still are.

Unluckily love has come to you the wrong way, you have been so in love and you gave up everything you have just to hold on to the love you have.

I knew someone, she’s been through hell this past few years, she’s a college degree holder and she has a good job, (she is a supervisor on one branch of a famous company here in the philippines), she has a husband and a son, her relationship with his husband was put on a big test, he (the husband) has found another girl and almost try to leave her (the wife) for the mistress, the wife then hasn’t find out the reasons why her husband is doing such painful things to her, (for what she knew she only love the husband so much),she then thought that maybe it’s about her job so she instantly leave the job, and choose the family that she has, I remembered she told me back then: “Para naman to sa pamilya namin, may anak kami ayaw kong lumaki siya ng broken family kami” so its for the son? Nah! If you’re going to ask me about it? Oh well! Yes her son has a big part, but as I look into her eyes I’ve seen pain, but still I’ve seen that love a love that she don’t want to give up.

I don’t know whats up with their relationship now, for I don’t have time and chance to get along with her anymore, but I’ve been hearing that its still on on the rocks (for how many years now?) I don’t know, up until now, but still both of them holds on and still took this “forever” (maybe) in this chaotic journey of LOVE.

‘ I hope they’ll survive this. ‘



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