For Nicomaine Dei


And yes I am writing about you, Finally!

I have always been looking forward to writing about you, to writing for you, but I lack of words to write though I have alot of stuffs about you on my mind,and now I’m glad I’m doing this.

Todays Kalyeserye episode is truly given for you by him (Thanks to alden).

Dear Nicomaine Dei,

I am one of those PROUDest fan, that’s been looking up for your achievements this past few months, you are truly beyond blessed and that is because you let yourself be a blessing to others too. I remember all your interviews, (because I use is as an inspiration) and there is a magazine interview that really captured my heart and I will quote “No. I am grateful for the compliment but I still do not think I am beautiful. I am just thankful that a beautiful blessing has been given to me. I pray that I get to stay and enjoy it. I pray that this popularity continues to bridge that makes my family and me close to each other. I pray that I continue to inspire others with what I can offer them – fun, laughter and all. BUT I STILL DO NOT THINK I AM BEAUTIFUL. I DO NOT HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO SAY THAT.” this is your answer when you were asked if you think of yourself as a beautiful human being, on one of your magazine interview -©people Asia Magazine- , and again I am head over heels for you, you are such an amazing, a very humble and down to earth kind of a person, you really don’t know how you make us/ME happy by just being the real you, you are unique and rare YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND, I don’t have anything but good words for you, for you really are a good person. I may not know you personally but I guessed I have known you by your blog, you are being transparent when you write (though that is really the essence of writing -being transparent.) I don’t know but everytime I read one of those witty blog of yours I found myself relating in every situation,(considering the fact that I am close to my family).

You really don’t know how much I wanted to personally thank you for uploading that dubsmash compilation video of yours, on gathering all the strength and fighting spirit so you can audition in eat bulaga,and also for auditioning and for being our YAYA DIVINA URSULA BOKBOKOVA SMASH/Yaya Dub and now for being our MAINE MENDOZA, you have said you are beyond blessed for god has given you a beautiful accident in life, well I (speaking for myself and maybe some of YOUR admirers and lovers out there) thank God that he blessed you that accident, for it wasn’t for you, I still don’t know what life really is.

I am beyond bless that God has given you to me (to us) for you really don’t know how you lift me up, from everything that I’ve been passing through in my messy and undirection life, THANK YOU for letting yourself to be a blessing to everyone of us most especially to me (maybe) Thank you! I don’t feel that the word itself was enough because deep in my heart I am really thankful.

I hope one day you may pass through this, and take time to read, I prayed that after you read this, you looked for me, (I know I’m being demanding) I just wanted a hug (tatagalugin ko para mas dama) “YAKAP MULA SA ISANG TAONG SINASABI ANG LAHAT NG NASA ISIP KO (yung sa blog mo), YAKAP MULA SA TAONG NAGPAIBA NG TAKBO NG BUHAY AT PANANAW KO, YAKAP MULA SA TAONG NAPAKALAKI ANG NAGING PARTE PARA BAGUHIN KO ANG SARILI KO (sa maganda/maayos na change) IKAW NICOMAINE ISANG YAKAP MULA SAYO PARA MARAMDAMAN KONG KAYA KO RIN AT MAABOT KO DIN ANG LAHAT NG PANGARAP KO.)

Ps. Naging open letter na siya. ALDUBYOU Nicomaine Dei.

Pps. photos not mine credits to the owner.



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