The Sunday Currenly vol.04

So its sunday again and I’m now updating my fourth sunday currently. I’m sorry for not being able to put up an update lately (blame the internet connection) and now I’m packing my things,I’m going home to parentals for christmas vacayy.



READING: the list I made for packingmy things (things to bring)

WRITING: the sunday currently vol.04

LISTENING: To the chirping noise of the birds outside the window.

THINKING: about alot of stuff (my mind is actually running its own errands)

SMELLING: the fabric conditioner on my clothes (I’m packing)

WISHING: for things to get better. (crossed finger)

HOPING: For a peaceful day ahead. (Note: I’m going home to my parentals)

WEARING: my pambahay as usual (white shirt and blue shorts)

LOVING: the sunny day today.

WANTING: a strong and consistent internet connection so I can always update here.

NEEDING: breakfast! (Gutom nako)

FEELING: Uneasy,hungry and in a rush.



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