Christmas 2015


A well spent day indeed.

We waited for the clock to strike at 12 in the midnight to welcome the christmas.

I spend my christmas with my family on my mothers side, actually I have been through a roller coaster of emotions for today, I got pissed off,I got to somehow enjoy the day, and to be feeling emotional and a little bit of happiness too, but at the end of the day I still can manage to say that this is “A WELL SPENT DAY”.

And this is how my christmas day. After the clock has strike to 12 my cousins together with my sister and I play a card game, and we added some twist on the game, that instead of having money as a payment when you lose the game,you will only be punished, and the punishment is to pit a charcoal on your face, we played until maybe an hour and a half,then everyone decided to take their sleep, when I woke up I spend some hour on my twitter site, then do nothing but to watch television while chatting with my cousins at 4:00pm my parents together with my sister and I go to church, my papa bought us clothes for new years eve then went home at 7:00pm, I left the house again to ‘somehow’ spend a bit of my time with my bestfriend just a moment of us to see each other on this day, lastly (before I actually write this one) I just talked to one of my cousin (samantha), we talked about (again),my unending sentiments about not being able to continue my dream course (w/c is masscommunication), I’m older than samantha but she just thought me a lot of stuffs tonight, and I am very grateful that I heard that from her, (another piece of advice for me) and yes I’m absorbing it as much as possible for I know that those words can really help me.

And that is how I spent my christmas day, I may feel pissed off most of the time but still God has manage to ‘still’ end this day with a beautiful one.

ps: Sorry for the late update. I miss my blog so much, I hope I can update again before this year ends.



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