Year End


So where am I gonna start ? hahaha 🙂 I’ve been out for 10 days it’s so long arrgghh.

This was supposed to be my update last January 5, but I haven’t got the chance to edit it because I’m not feeling well (same as now).

I had a blast last year I enjoyed the things that I do for it was my first time to do those things, and now I’m gonna fit it all here in this update.


My cousins together with my sister and I watched MY BEBE LOVE #KILIGPAMORE (an Metro Manila Film Festival Entry.)


It was my First time to watch a MMFF entry, and I am so glad that I did it with some of my cousins. The movie was great I was stunned for a moment when I saw MAINE MENDOZA on the big screen it was a pleasure for me (for I am really a very BIG FAN of hers).


We go to MANILA OCEAN PARK (again I’m with some of my cousins and it was my first time too.)


‘I only got few pictures because I seized the moment first time nga eh!

and then its NEW YEARS EVE


Happiest indeed, because I was able to celebrate it with my family solemnly.

And thats it.. I guess I don’t have to add anything here.

ps: pwede pa naman yung BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 




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