Some things comes to an end even if it doesn’t started yet.
You have always been dreaming about this since you knew it exist, and it has always been the passion of your heart. You’ve been day dreaming about it your entire life, and always looking forward on being there, but dreams really fade, it does fade, it fade not because you didn’t feel like staying or not because you don’t want it anymore, but because destiny is not friends with you, you have been pushing things so hard to make it there but destiny would stop you, it’ll block your way immedietly.
Some says its trials or evils on your way up, but for you its not, you don’t feel that it was just a trial making you strong or an evil bullying you to stop, it is really your destiny telling you that you’re not meant for it‘, but still you didn’t let destiny ruined what your heart really desire, even if most of the time, you feel like giving up, you still didn’t do it, you still strive hard to make things better, but again dreams fade, you came to the point where in, you don’t feel like fighting for it anymore, you gave up and leave all those dreams behind, ‘you’re heart aches and you’re life was in painbut you didn’t fight for it anymore, you surrendered it up.
“It has fade already and you don’t want to do something about it anymore”


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