The Sunday Currently

screenshot from our video earlier. 😂

It’s sunday and I opted to do nothing today, I actually chose to not to go to school today because it really sucks, (a sunday class really sucks). I’ve been out on “The Sunday Currently” for how many sundays? (I don’t know), I’ve been busy because I just had a sunday class ‘ang saya!’ (note sarcasm). I actually miss updating my sunday currently considering the fact that ‘I always’ look forward for sunday to have my sunday currently updated, and glad to be back!


READING: Nothing (I’m too lazy to read today)
WRITING: The Sunday Currently Vol. 5
LISTENING: to the television noise
THINKING: of my assignment in math (i forgot how to do it)
SMELLING: the chicharon that my sister is actually eating. (ang baho nakakainis yung amoy ganoin!)
WISHING: to have my tagaytay vacation.
HOPING: for the better future lol.
WEARING: pink blouse and a pink jogging pants.


LOVING: this pink blouse that I’m wearing
WANTING: a sundae chocolate hot fudge.
NEEDING: a sleep I’ve been staying late at night this passed few days to watch movies.
FEELING: sleepy 2:00 am nako natulog.

– and so I’m done ! Nakakamiss ang pag-update nito. Hihihi ☺



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