The Sunday Currently

It’s sunday again and sadly my last update was not as good as the others, I was so mad that time and I feel like I just wanted to shout things out but I just can’t voice it out so I ended up posting it here on my blog. I still have a lot of stuffs on my mind right know and still thinking of it very well, I just wanted to understand everything, thats just it I am just digging deep thoughts.

for now I’ll just give this sunday currenlty  for myself.


READING: Well I’m actually on my fanbase twitter feeds kanina, I was reading tweets about aldub and maine.

WRITING:  The Sunday Currently vol.06

LISTENING: One Call Away by Charlie Puth (I’m on youtube actually)

THINKING: of what will I become in spite of all this chaos in my life.

SMELLING: Nothing….

WISHING: for things to get better (kasi feeling ko anytime soon mental hospital na ang bagsak ko.) HAHAHA!

HOPING: for a bright future. (chos!) WALA! ganern I’m not hoping for anything.

WEARING: a fuschia pink blouse and jeans (i’m somewhere out there) HAHAHA!

LOVING: NOTHING! (i missed LOVING! lol!) 

WANTING: FREEDOM! (all caps para intense!) 

NEEDING: SPACE!!!! (all caps tapos maraming exclamation point para mas INTENSE!) 


‘goodthing I got the chance to go to youtube and edit some photos and videos, I feel relaxed’



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