Sudden Anger

Who would have thought that I just got so angry last time? To the point where I wouldn’t want to hear any explanations from anyone, I also don’t take advices and all, I was just so mad thats just all. I never experience something like that before, that I almost packed my things and escape from everything, I was so naive, I am so self centered and I hate it, I barely use my mind that time I just let my emotions ruin my feelings and let it affect the way I think. It was so embarassing to remember that I LOST! I actually LOST my MIND! For pete’s sake! I drag my thoughts to such senseless dramas and all. I really shouldn’t think that way anymore, have to use my mind more often and control my emotions, and think of everything before doing anything, I should’ve been a bit wiser and I should’ve been more sensitive.
This anger sucks, that’s why I always try to avoid the feeling, because it occur a lot of emotions and all, I’mma try to relax a bit, maybe go back to my reading habbit, and try to focus on what is infront me and don’t overthink of everything. THAT’S IT! I’M DONE.



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