Fast Forward To Future

I never thought of getting married nor settling down or simply being with someone ‘I Love’ . For me it is something so true and so sacred, It’s not that i’m not honest and I don’t believe in weddings or something like that -In fact i have my parents who’s 21 years married now- its just that i really don’t see myself on that situation, not until this afternoon.

My sister and I go to church -It’s sunday anyway- .

We decided to go to Sto. Domingo Church, I waited for my sister outside the church, when she came we go inside for a more peaceful feeling.

(Just for the record it’s not my first time to attend a mass there and as of that it’s not my first time to be there too, I’ve been there countless time) 

To make this long story short, as my sister and I sit down at one of the chair inside the said church, I suddenly feel something I haven’t felt before, I have seen something that I haven’t saw yet.


Fast Forward to Future, I saw my self walking down the aisle, wearing that ‘Traje de boda’ as what they call it, all smile and full of happiness. My parents beside me shedding their tears of happiness for me and that blurred image of a man standing at the right side of the altar waiting for me.

I almost cry, I never ever think of something like that never! I swear!.

It was a perfect image of my future, I’m happy but still I don’t want to think of it yet, not today nor tomorrow or the other day.

It was a perfect image of my future, but I’m not ready yet.

It was a perfect image of my future, but still it doesn’t touch my heart yet.

It’s still ‘just’ an image and not yet ready to be develop or not yet ready to be drawn, ‘just a perfect image of the future’ maybe waiting for it’s right time to come.


It’s sunday and I opted to do my sunday currently entry but instead I did this one. This is an unplanned entry but I guess a great entry, and also it’s not as long as I wanted it to be, I lack of words to write and the emotions and feelings from the happening is actually fading now, I just share something I haven’t feel and see before, Bye for now hope to still have time to update.




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