Bestfriend for life

And hey someone wrote something about me finally!
Hey bestfriend you made me cry upon reading this one, no one knows me as much as you do, and I was so shocked about you knowing that I am the “Human being never contented in life” , that “she never let you speak any single word without letting her finish her sentence” and also that “she always talks about Maine Mendoza, James Reid, Tommy Esguerra and Aldub” .
You ruined my plan on posting (first) something about you here in my own site.. but guess what I found myself so clueless of wha to say to you after I have read this one.
(WAIT FOR MY TURN) Ako naman ang gagawa ng nobela iiyak at tatawa ka at the same time, for now, Thanks for writing about me and thanks for everything (hindi na kailangan pang isa-isahin, ALAMONAYUN!) LOL. ALdub you dearest bestfriend.


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