To The Best Ate In Town

Hello! First of all Happy Birthday my ever dearest sissy jo.

It’s been 2years? I guess.

Everything still hurts but you know that I am used to it now, though I still missed you a lot.

Nung una malaking tanong sa akin kung bakit nawala ka ng ganoon kaaga, but now nasagot na yung tanong na yan. I know you’re happy kung nasaan ka man ngayon, and that you are guiding each and everyone of us.

I just wanted to let you know that sobrang daming nagbago nung nawala ka (hindi ko na iisa-isahin pa) I know nakikita mo naman na kung ano mga nagbago, I just hope you can help us figure things out.

We Promised to look after Adam, if we have chance and tim and even if we don’t have.

I love you ate, sobrang nakakamiss ka na talaga. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MY DEAREST ATE.


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