A Day with Him

So why am I writing this one?

He’s not as special as he has to be, but still I think he deserves a “Thank You” for what he has done for me yesterday, it might not be something everyone has expecting, yet it’s something immeasurable and unforgettable (truly one for my thin book again).

No one has actually make me feel the way I have felt the whole time we’re together yesterday, I don’t know how you call it but for me, it’s  A magical friendship , who says that a guy and a girl can’t just be friends? Well look at the friendship we have. I can truly say that HE IS SPECIAL but not in a way people think it is. I just have this safe feelings whenever I’m with him, this happiness that is striking me every time we got the chance to be together is very undeniable.

He is someone, girls would hate and love to have because of the moods and traits that he has and also he is someone you wouldn’t want to share to other girls, well he is precious and a rare one, I would love to meet that “someone” who will take the risk to lose an argument just for him (cause he’s not going to let you win over him) or that “someone” who can change him (I bet there’s no one), well good luck to you in advance.

I would love to hate him because he can’t be cloned, and I can’t have someone like him for keeps, but I love that he exist in my life but also hate that I have to share him with others (Ian bakit kasi isa ka lang di ka pwede mag clone? para kahit ma-share kita sa iba, meron akong kagaya mo na akin lang) .


I came up to this update because I guess it’s my way of saying thank you , i really don’t have that courage to thank you personally because I don’t know why. 🙂 maybe because you have this attitude that you keep on shutting people down, and I guess you hate this kind of stuffs to talk to.

Pero honestly Ian, thank you sa kahapon I need a place to vent out pero ang ending ikaw pa mismo yung parang nakatulong sa akin, kaya ko na ulit mga issues ko, ttry kong hanapin yung feeling na sinasabi mong “masarap mag-aral” . Basta thank you talaga hindi mo alam yung nagawa mo kahapon para ka ng yung bestfriend ko gumaan ng todo ang feeling ko. HAHAHAHA ! takte ang arte nitong update ko 🙂 sige na basta thanks. 🙂



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