Holy Week 2016

YAY! so long update, there’s a lot of things running on my mind this past few weeks.

Holy week has passed and we had our traditional “Pabasa” done in a day.

I was out for so long on my social sites including this site and I have a lot of things to catch up, gonna read a  lot of the pending blog updates from my followed sites and all my twitter DM’s and notification, I was on facebook free data for almost a week and it sucks like hell.

Well this update is for what happened this past holy week, and I guess I’m gonna do this like this:

Monday: I didn’t do anything productive this day, I just stay in bed lying and watching television, surfing the facebook free data” and nothing .

Tuesday:  Same us monday nothing really important.

Wednesdsay: We go to my auntie’s place to start to fix everything for the “Pabasa” and we also started our “Pabasa” this day, my bestfriend and I stayed up until 3;30 am for that tradition.

Thursday:  I woke up at exactly 8am and continue the tradition and we ended at 5pm.

Friday to Sunday: I do the same old thing (overthink things) lol

I wanted to make this update long but i’m not at a peaceful place so I can’t think of all the things I did last week. Bawi ako next update 🙂




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