Sooooooo long update. ūüė¶ nakakaiyak na this, I was out for a month¬†I guess. I miss writing everything that’s running on my mind, I miss reading blogs and I miss everything about social media, I miss it…

I was out in this world (on my world) and its creeping me out, I am like a very thirsty¬†“vampire”¬†craving for blood, I am this frustrated writer/blogger craving to write, as I was writing this one words rumbled on my mind racing to be the first to be written here, I really have a lot in mind and I am really dying to write, but look here I am writing this stuff (who just popped out in mind).


Why 50th? Well as I was scanning through my old blogs I just found out that I posted 49 blog posts already, and this one is my 50th blog post so I decided to put up this post first before everything..


I really am the happiest one today because I really never thought na aabot sa 50 blog posts itong site ko, because i just made this site out of curiosity, I was just so curious on how things work here and all, but as I write here,I find it very interesting and very friendly for me. I know that I do share my thoughts a lot to someone like my bestfriend Queen E, and my sister, but having this site is one of the greatest thing in my life I really am so greatful that someone out there introduces me to this whole blogging thing.

So for you guys out there¬†GO BLOG!¬†Spill your heart out by writing I am¬†100% sure that it will be one of the greatest thing you’ll do in your life. ūüôā


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