The Sunday Currently 07


As a promise to myself, IM BACK!!! but still I can’t be as active as I was before because I have prior commitments already, as for now I’m gonna update my “The Sunday Currently” because I missed this so much, and if I still have much time I’m gonna go write another one (atat lang talaga sa pag-update. LOL! HAHAHA)


READING: My twitter feeds because I just missed a lot of things there.

WRITING: The Sunday Currently I’m on my 7th volume. 🙂

LISTENING: To the noise of the television.

THINKING: About a lot of stuffs about my upcoming job.

SMELLING: The doughnut that I just ate just before I started blogging.

WISHING: that I can finish all my commitments without any hindrances. (kaya ko this!!!)

HOPING: for a good and smooth school year.

WANTING: to put up another update right after this one (uhaw ako sa update forgive me. HAHAHA!!)

NEEDING: MONEYYY!!! for enrollment and for the compliance of my job requirements.

FEELING: so excited about being a service crew at greenwich, its my first time so wish me all the luck.

ohoooo!! done for this one gonna post this for mme to put up another one.




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