When I have a free time, or whenever I got the chance, I always try to write something up, it lessen every hidden feelings and emotions, so I’m always ending up creating poems and quotes.

I have here 4 writings.



You taught me how to be someone I’m not,

While teaching me how to fall inlove.

I thought this will last, but sadly,

An affair is not love.


This one needs to be felt,

Though you’re trying to not,

You thought this won’t end,

So you end up wasted there.


Walk across the streets and let your feet lead you to where you were supposed to be.

Don’t even hesitate, don’t even stop, and don’t ever get tired,

Just walk until you feel that you are already there,

And if there is still no satisfaction,

Walk Again.


As I walk along the corridor, memories flash to my very eyes,

Seeing myself lying on that place talking to you on the phone and wearing the happiest smile, I could ever wear,

Tears fell, remembering that those memories won’t happen again.

Written by yours truly

Dyn na Maganda.

Lol 😀



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