First Day Feels

So basically I started my job yesterday, I work as a service crew on a fast food restaurant. I started at 4 pm and ended at 12 midnight, I got home at exactly 12:30 am then fell asleep (maybe) passed 1 in the morning already, I woke up at 5:30 am today, then got here at school at around 7 am for my class.

And that is the reason why I wasn’t able to write something about my first day at work.

So let’s go back to yesterday.

I was supposed to be on the store at 3 pm but as my “kamalasan” attack, I came at the store 10 mins. before 4 pm (and YES! you’re right about it… I’M LATE! 50 mins. late on my first day of work, 😦 what a first impression for the managers.). I felt so frustrated about it but I have to cheer myself up, (dyn! First impression don’t always last prove them wrong) then I told myself -babawi ako!!- .

I started at 4pm, the manager then give instructions on the things that I have to do, since I’m not a direct applicant nor a direct employee, I don’t have a particular work assignment (in short ALL AROUND ang peg ng lola niyo.)  so as my co-crew worker assisted me on my first busting experience on that fast food resto, I was actually “nanginginig” ng very light lang naman, I was so nervous napaka-clumsy kong tao baka mabasag ko yung mga platong mabigat pa ata sa hallowblocks, the plates is ceramic, the reason why it’s heavy. So ayun na nga, my co-worker named Tam (as they call her) taught me the proper way of busting, from cleaning the plates, to the proper way of carrying the plates (infairness nakakaloka yun mga te!), from the arrangement of the glasses on the tray  to the wiping of tables and all, It was an accomplishment for me because I haven’t break anything I ended my shift peacefully, I did all the things I never knew I can like being able to smile to someone you don’t know, being kind and nice to everyone (I’m really having a hard time on doing such things) kung pwede nga lang maglinis na lang ng maglinis “no pansin” na lang sa mga tao aba GO! kaso bawal.

Oh I might forgot the highlight of my working hours, I remember one of my co-worker asked me to wash “some” spoon and fork, so basically I did what he’s asking me to do, I wash not just one nor two dozens but I washed maybe almost 70 pcs. of spoons and forks, then I thought I was gonna wash spoons and forks only, but it turned out that I washed everything that they asked me too,
I wasn’t assign on that area but I am allowed to help them because that’s my job, I stand infront of the sink for an hour or maybe longer than that, washing everything endlessly, unending washing of plates and all, but one thing I learned that time is that I have to be more patient on what I am doing, bonus na lang yung kailangan focus ka palagi, I do have fun yesterday inspite of all the pagods and the sakit ng katawan that I am feeling that time and up until now, I still have fun, I learned new things and maybe that is worth all the tiredness and all.



then finally this is what I am talking about on one of my facebook posts, I quote

“Gusto ko yung pagod ko worth it, yung tipong kahit pagod ka masaya ka dahil mahal at gusto mo yung ginawa mo buong araw, yung ganong pagod.”

masaya ako kahapon kahit pagod. 🙂



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