Second Day Feels

Yesterday was my 2nd day of work as a “spes” on that fast food resto. my duty was 12nn to 7 in the evening, but because I have to do some “side duties” (like; putting plates and utensils on the service area and packing tissues and hot sauce for the take out and delivery section.) my shift ended at exactly 8 o’clock pm. Yesterday was tiring but not as tiring as my first day was, I learned new things, I even tried serving the meals; and it’s kinda easy than busting and all, the only hard thing about the serving job is that I have to talked a lot to the costumers/guest which is probably what i am scared of, but I don’t have a choice it’s part of my job. I also got the chance to talk to some of my workmates, they’re fun to talked to but still i’m scared, I even encounter a grouchy one, but I didn’t took time to absorb her presence a lot because I’m just going to be distracted.

To sum up yesterday’s job.

It’s a job well done for me, still I haven’t break anything – and hoping to not break anything until the end of my contract- and like what I said earlier I learned new things, and again I enjoyed my shift. 🙂

ps: I got another bunch of wounds on my hands and oh! forgot about the body pain. err




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