Working Student

YAY! Update at last! HAHAHAHA 😀

It took me hours to decide if I’m gonna go make this one or not, and finally decided to put up this update.

I’m too busy lately -school and work- I’m always tired and I usually lay in bed doing absolutely nothing if ever I got the chance.

How my life was lately?

I actually never imagined myself as a working student (before I applied for this job), I did prayed to got this job but never think something in advance, ( I wouldn’t want to break my heart-if ever that I didn’t got this one-). I always thought that being a working student is HARD but I never knew that this is this hard! DAMN HARD! school then work then school and so on and so fort, I am having fun YES! I am happy YES! but damn it’s tiring, I never wanted to quit on this, I am just starting over, I have ruined my life back then and now I am just starting to patch things up.

How things change in a span of two weeks?

It is a complete example of “My life just turned upside down” , It literally changed a lot of things, being able to have this kind of work environment was so liberating, the world really has a lot to offer, from a good one to bad, and vise versa. I am not prepared actually, I have a very very big adjustments to make, this may took me another week to really cope up on everything, I always have to think twice or even more than that, whenever I am going to do or say something, things for me were hard -culture shock- it is. I thought I already knew a lot of things but it turned out that I only knew few, this environment is really an eye opener for me, I haven’t been in this kind of world and up until now every time that I am encountering something new (for me) I always got so shocked about it. I remember my mama told me once: “sabi ng tito mo, kapag sa mga ganyan daw na trabaho wag agad magtitiwala.” and I was like: “REALLY? so eto na yun? eto na ba talaga yung dapat masanay akong wag magtiwala agad? I do have trust issues on having relationship (boyfriend-girlfriend relationship) but on putting trust to a friend? thats shit! I always put a big one whenever I met someone new, do I have to learn to lessen that trusting issues?” I know this will took a while but i’ll try for the better.

How about the workmates?

It’s so damn HARD for me to fit in. I am actually trying but ending up being like this (being the ignorante and the tanga one). It’ll took me a maybe another week to really soak in, I wouldn’t want to change myself just to fit in, I just have to learn how to associate with them, I just have to learn how things work for them and try to understand it. Anyways I am having a hard time on making friends, but I don’t have any choice but to be as friendly as I can, people scares me so technically my workmates scares me, but I just have to face them everyday, and I need to be used to it. They’re all funny and strict at the same time some are friendly and some are not, they are sometimes fun to be with but most of the time they make me feel uncomfortable.

“I know that I have to accept the fact that I really have to do some adjustments but please give me a little more time.”


As usual I’m the pasok pasok lang student, I can admit that nothing has changed my perspective when it comes to my studying habbit, I just have to put in mind that I have to finish my studies and give that diploma to my parents, because I know they deserve it, and me? I am just going to school and comply all that requirements and after that I’m done.





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