Last Night

Things were so unbearable but I’m glad I lasted that night without even trying to scream my heart out and burst into tears.

I never imagined things would work that way, it was a whole new world for me, so new that I myself don’t even know how to handle it. I’m stuck with smiling and trying to catch up in every thing that they say and do, it was new and I can’t manage to help myself out, I’m caught off guard, I don’t know how will I react, what would I say, and what will I do.

It’s a different world, different from the world I knew. Things were hard and it’s getting harder everyday, (everyday with him).

I am not into trusting someone, I feel belong but at the same time I feel like I’m not. I’m in between pursuing and giving this up! (his faults) .

Maybe, just maybe I’m not really used in this kind of world, I need to adjust myself a little bit more and TRY TO NOT GET AFFECTED IN EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. *sigh*



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