I’ve been quiet for sometime and was not able to pay a visit here on my blog, I have a lot of time to write but I don’t have any resources at all.

So here I am trying really hard to at least put a bit of update and visit my blog, I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote an update here. I’ve been through a lot this past few months and I am sad that I didn’t even have the chance to put it up  here, well then finally I’m writing this one.


So how was my life lately? (Ayun sobrang daming nangyari ! AS IN !!) but I wasn’t able to put it all here, (sa sobrang dami non feeling ko kukulangin yung vacant time ko sa pagsusulat! – well anyways nasa school library lang ako vacant ko eh !! HAHAHA) Well as per a recap I’ve been through a new relationship with an almost perfect man, I resigned on my current job, failed a subject last semester, broke up with my “almost perfect boyfriend” for some valid reasons and applying for a new job again ! (nakakapagod ang hindi kumikita ng pera I missed my life nung mga panahong may sarili akong income) .

I spend some of my spare time doing things with “my man” , I actually live again with my parents after being far from them for almost 4 years and did nothing on my school vacation, nothing on my summer bucket list have been checked at all, I stayed at our house (most specifically – AT OUR ROOM!) doing absolutely nothing, Yes my summer was a bit boring excused — my time with my now ex boyfriend carl (because those time with him is the best time ever) , I gained more weight than before I ate a lot and slept a lot too the whole time and now I am wondering how to get rid of all these fats that I got from that summer vacation, when I’m still on this stage where in I don’t have any resources at all the reason why I am being so lazy about all these stuffs.

Anyways I missed my blog so much, I missed writing my Sunday Currently, I missed joining The Daily Post and put all my thoughts there, I missed writing here, I missed the feeling I get whenever I got the chance to finish an update  I just missed my blog so much. I hope to have more more extra time and RESOURCES ! my god !!! (ayun kasi ang pinaka main reason kung bakit hindi rin ako maka-update masyado) , I hope to get back soon, as soon as possible HAHAHA !! 😀 — and gave my blog more updates.

For now ito muna, I’ll end it up here, I’m gonna try to read some articles from some of my followed blogs, (I missed reading zander foster’s updates) yiiee ❤ 

Bye for now. 🙂


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